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Türk Telekom Ignites Innovation, Empowering Turkish Startups’ Growth and Success
15 Şubat 2020

Türk Telekom Ignites Innovation, Empowering Turkish Startups’ Growth and Success

Startups of Türk Telekom's Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program PİLOT, went to the USA to participate in the entrepreneurship training program.


Türk Telekom, a pioneer of Turkey's digital transformation, supports startups to nurture new generation technologies. This year, Türk Telekom Ventures' Startup Accelerator Program PİLOT offered its startup members the opportunity to attend an in-person educational program specially designed for PİLOT startups.


The enterprise education program—Scaling up and Going Global—designed and delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development—was held on the Stanford University campus the week of February 12, 2024. Participating PILOT startup leaders learned from Stanford faculty and industry experts through a series of lectures, hands on working sessions, and networking.


Through its Corporate Venture Capital company, Türk Telekom Ventures, Türk Telekom aims to open Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem to the world. The customized educational program at Stanford presented a special opportunity for Turkish entrepreneurs to gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving, tech-driven world.



Türk Telekom CEO Ümit Önal, said: “We are working to ensure that the startups we support make an impact on the global stage. With Türk Telekom Ventures' office in San Francisco, our goal is to act as a bridge by bringing valuable projects from Turkey to the world through Silicon Valley and innovative ideas from around the world to our country. Motivated by this, we guide and invest in local startups focusing on technology in various areas, ranging from health to energy, education to artificial intelligence-supported business solutions. We witness the rewards of our efforts as the startups we have supported go global and achieve international success. One of our Türk Telekom Ventures investments, Virasoft, providing diagnostic support in the field of digital pathology, continues to attract investments from around the world. Another startup, the education platform MentalUP, has now reached 15 million users in over 120 countries. Syntonym, offering a "Synthetic Data Anonymization" technology solution, is targeting growth in the US, Europe, and the UK markets. It is noteworthy that the most valuable outcome for us is witnessing our startups positively impact people's lives across various sectors worldwide, offering solutions that enhance their daily experiences. We take pride in all of their achievements.”



Leaders from nine startups participated in this inaugural in-person professional educational program at Stanford. They are:


• Medialyzer — a measurement platform for TV ads
• Egaranti — a web application that digitizes warranty documents and offers cloud-based solutions to companies, enabling consumers to manage their warranty processes from a single panel
• Sensemore — a reliability-focused asset and maintenance management platform
• F-Ray/JetScoring — an algorithmic financial analysis platform
• Finceptor — a web3 financing platform
• FINSO — a finance application enabling consumer credit shopping
• Link Robotics — an AI-based navigation and localization solution
• B2Metric AI — an AI-based active learning platform for companies
• Cloud4Feed — a voice of the customer management platform

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